Male Massage Therapist Manchester
  • September 11, 2023 5:32 am
  • Denton, UK

Username: Andrew



Male Massage Therapist Manchester 

I am based in Tameside Thank you for having a look at my profile 🙂 LGBT friendly

I have been working for many years, and
gathered lots of styles and techniques from Swedish to mini-deep I am also fully qualified In fitness so I know the muscles very well

Massages include
*Mini electronic neck and eye massager
*Cooling eye masks Choice of 3
*Stone/Rock tension release
*Full front and back sessions
*Tension ball and vibration plates
*Hots pads
*Toning belt and glut pads (optional)

Shower facilities are available on request parking is right outside and I am very very easy to find
Discretion is perfectly fine

please try not to mail me on here as sometimes I don’t receive emails WhatsApp me is better To arrange an appointment just text me as sometimes I can not answer your call

Full work is £45 and lasts about 55 minutes

No withheld numbers please most information is here so need need for endless chat

If you have high blood pressure or taking medication for a blood thinner.
Please seek medical advice before the session thank you:-)M E N

Relax and Relieve Stress with a Male Massage Therapist Manchester (LGBT Friendly)

Are you looking for a massage therapist in the Tameside area? I can help! I’m a qualified and experienced massage therapist who offers a variety of massage styles and techniques to suit your needs.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Relaxing Massages: I specialize in Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, which can help relieve tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.

  • Muscle Knowledge: I’m also fully qualified in fitness, so I have a good understanding of how muscles work. This allows me to tailor the message to your specific needs.

  • Variety of Techniques: I offer a variety of techniques to enhance your massage experience, including:

    • Mini electronic neck and eye massager

    • Cooling eye masks (choose from 3 options!)

    • Hot stones for tension relief

    • Full body massages (front and back)

    • Tension balls and vibration plates

    • Heating pads

    • Toning belt and glute pads (optional)

Comfort and Privacy:

  • Shower facilities: Available upon request.

  • Easy to find: Convenient location with parking right outside.

  • Discretion assured: Your privacy is important to me.

Booking an Appointment:

  • Text preferred: I sometimes miss calls, so texting is the best way to reach me.

  • WhatsApp: You can also message me on WhatsApp.

  • Pricing: Full body massages are £45 and last about 55 minutes.

  • Medical Conditions: Please let me know if you have high blood pressure or take blood thinners. It’s always best to consult your doctor before getting a massage.

Please note:

  • I don’t respond well to emails, so texting or WhatsApp is preferred.

  • I avoid lengthy chats as most information is already provided here.

Let me help you melt away your stress and tension. Text or WhatsApp me today to book your appointment!



  • LGBT Friendly
  • Shower Facility


Denton, UK

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