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  • September 2, 2023 6:41 am
  • Swinton, Manchester, UK

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Psychotherapy Massage

Hi there, I promote positive mental and physical well being A healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand. And we all need to be in tip-top form to function effectively, especially at this time of year.

I am different from most on here. I am exceptionally qualified and experienced to start with. This can only benefit you, your mind and body.

This is no bog standard service. A certified professional delivers it by appointment during respectable hours. I welcome inquiries from courteous males.

I am also a qualified psychotherapist offering therapy sessions one hour in duration. Ideal for addressing the issues you may face during these challenging times.

Please note. I don’t always advertise so keep my name and number.

** Please. I CANNOT text. We deliberately disabled the facility, so we deleted them unread. Calls only.

Exceptional Massage. Qualified Psychotherapy Provider. Qualified. Articulate professional. Extensive experience. You are in very good hands.

Qualified talking therapy for those with dilemmas that you feel need further investigation. Don’t be shy. The call is the hardest bit. See this as an ongoing process for best results.

Please be reassured. I come with a significant level of experience and expertise! Call to discuss, please.


Psychotherapy Massage

CALL to request a slot. Only call if you are serious about booking due to time constraints. Say which service you want
Withelds not answered.
ARRIVE ON TIME. Late arrivals impact others.
NO SHOWS. NO further slots are offered.
NON FOLLOW THROUGH. Those who engage in chat lead up to booking and don’t follow through. At busy times I turn people away therefore I can’t do this. No further slots are offered.
POSTCODE gave one hour before the slot.
** A deposit via bank transfer before the slot guarantees your appointment.***

Stress levels are exceptionally high for many. My treatments are effective for both the body and the mind. Drift away or savor every moment here in a dedicated studio room.
All Western Massage treatments are undertaken. Qualified talking therapy sessions are offered too.

As a skilled professional, I assess you first and then treat you accordingly.

I do look after you!

Please call don’t text me for information or a slot. Sometimes I struggle to offer you a slot so please don’t take one unless you are going to attend.
If I don’t answer immediately bear with me.

Advance notice during busy times helps.

Texts are ignored***********

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Swinton, Manchester, UK

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