Thai Relaxation Massage Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  • August 28, 2023 11:38 am
  • Doncaster, UK

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Thai Relaxation Massage Doncaster

This is Thai Thai-style relaxation massage, that can help relax and remove tension and stress.

This is massage only.

Last appointment 6 pm.

Please shower before coming.

Soft and relaxing massage

30 minutes £20
60 minutes £30
90 minutes £50

For medium massage add £5 Please

Relax and De-Stress with a Thai Relaxation Massage Doncaster

Looking for a way to unwind and loosen up after a long week? Then a Thai relaxation massage might be perfect for you!

Thai Relaxation Massage

This massage is a great way to relax your muscles and ease tension. It can help you feel refreshed and de-stressed.

Here are some things to know about our Thai relaxation massage:

  • It’s a massage-only service, so there’s no need to disrobe completely.

  • Our last appointment for the day is at 6 pm, so be sure to book in advance.

  • We recommend showering before your appointment.

We offer a variety of massages:

  • A 30-minute massage costs £20.

  • A 60-minute massage costs £30.

  • And a 90-minute massage costs £50.

Prefer a bit more pressure? No problem! You can upgrade to a medium-pressure massage for just £5 extra.

Booking an Appointment

If you’re interested in booking a Thai relaxation massage, give us a call or visit our website. We look forward to helping!

Doncaster’s Choice for Relaxation

We hope this information helps you learn more about Thai relaxation massage. If you’re in the Doncaster area and looking for a way to relax, we invite you to try our massage!



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