Sunny Thai Massage Wrexham
  • September 6, 2023 1:20 pm
  • Wrexham, UK
£40per hour

Username: Sunny



Thai Massage Wrexham


Hello, my name is Sunny

I am a fully qualified female masseuse, expertly trained with years of experience and specializing in all types of Sports, Deep Tissue, Thai Oil Massage, and Traditional Thai Massage

I provide a relaxing, enjoyable massage from the comfort of my private home in Wrexham – LL14

Parking is available outside on the road, along with fresh towels, and shower facilities, in a clean environment with both hot and cold refreshments

I am available between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Sunday.

30 Minutes – £30

60 Minutes – £40

By Appointment Only

Please call or text to arrange an appointment

Professional Service Only

Sunny Thai Massage: Relaxing Thai Massage Wrexham

Feeling tired and achy? Need a break from the daily grind? If you’re in Wrexham and looking for a relaxing Thai massage, Sunny Thai Massage is the perfect place for you!

Sunny is a nice and skilled massage therapist with lots of experience. She can help you loosen up tight muscles, feel more bendy, and just feel better overall.

Types of Massages at Sunny Thai Massage

Sunny offers different types of massages to fit your needs:

  • Sports massage: This massage is good for people who play sports or get sore after exercise. It helps blood flow better, reduces swelling, and helps your muscles heal faster.

  • Deep tissue massage: This massage works on the deeper layers of your muscles. It can help ease long-term pain and tightness.

  • Thai oil massage: This traditional Thai massage uses warm oil and gentle stretches to make you more bendy and improve blood flow.

  • Traditional Thai massage: This massage is like a workout! It mixes acupressure (pressing on special points), yoga poses, and stretching to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

What to Expect at Your Massage

Sunny’s place is clean and comfy, perfect for relaxing during your massage. She provides fresh towels and even has showers you can use. You can also enjoy hot or cold drinks before or after your massage.

Booking Your Appointment

Sunny is available for appointments every day of the week, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Just call or text her to schedule a time that works for you.

Here’s a Quick Reminder

  • Types of massages: Sports, Deep Tissue, Thai Oil, Traditional Thai

  • Prices: 30 minutes for £30, 60 minutes for £40

  • Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Sunday

  • Appointments: Call or text to book

So, if you’re in Wrexham and want a professional and relaxing Thai massage experience, call Sunny Thai Massage today!



  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Thai Oil Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage


Wrexham, UK
    • 5 months ago

    I tried this too, not bad at all!

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