Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman (Ladyboy)
  • January 9, 2024 5:10 pm
  • Wallisdown - BH10
£40 £70

Username: Ladyboy


Hi guys,

SUMMER is back but don’t worry my treatment room is AIRCONDITIONED!!!

I am Andrea a fully qualified and well-trained Asian TSgirl/ Ladyboy Massage Therapist based in Bournemouth, Dorset

Book your appointment now! 07923085203

I am offering an amazing Hot oil relaxing massage, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Swedish-Shiatsu combi massage, and Back, Shoulder, and Neck massage in a calm, clean, warm, with relaxing music, candles and a comfortable environment.

Fresh towels and shower facilities are available.

Parking is available on the street

Most of my clients are Men but all are welcome.

Hours of work: 7 days a week (9am-late)


30 minutes £40 (back, shoulder & neck or legs)

60 minutes £60 (Full Body Relaxing Massage)

60 minutes £70 (Full Body Hard/Deep Tissue…

Don’t look further and try my signature relaxing massage!!!

I do not reply to emails or text messages. Private numbers will be ignored. If I don’t answer your call I’m with a client. Book your appointment in ADVANCE to avoid disappointment.

Rude callers/enquirers will be blocked immediately

Thank you for understanding!

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Summer Special! Relaxing Massages by Andrea

The hot weather is back, but you can stay cool! My massage room has air conditioning to keep you comfortable during your appointment.

My name is Andrea, and I’m a fully qualified massage therapist who specializes in relaxation and stress relief. I’m based in Bournemouth, Dorset, and I welcome everyone to come experience a great massage. Adyourmassage

  • Hot oil massage: This massage uses warm oil to soothe your muscles and help you unwind.

  • Swedish massage: This is a gentle massage that helps to ease tension and improve circulation.

  • Deep tissue massage: This massage goes deeper into your muscles to help relieve knots and tightness.

  • Swedish-Shiatsu combi massage: This combines Swedish massage techniques with Shiatsu acupressure for a truly unique experience.

  • Back, shoulder, and neck massage: This massage focuses on relieving tension in your upper body, which can be a common source of headaches and pain. Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman

All of my massages are performed in a clean, calm, and comfortable environment. I use relaxing music and candles to create a peaceful atmosphere. You’ll also have access to fresh towels and shower facilities after your massage.

There’s plenty of parking available on the street near my place. Relaxing Massage By Asian Transwoman

I’m happy to welcome both men and women to my massage practice.

Here are my hours:

  • I’m available 7 days a week, from 9am until late in the evening.


  • 30 minute massage (back, shoulder & neck or legs): £40

  • 60-minute full body relaxation massage: £60

  • 60-minute deep tissue massage: £70


To make an appointment, please call me at 07923085203. I don’t answer emails or text messages, and I won’t answer calls from private numbers. If I don’t pick up right away, it means I’m with a client.

Please be polite! I block rude callers and anyone who asks inappropriate questions.

Thank you for your understanding!

I look forward to helping you relax and unwind with a massage!



  • Qualified Therapist
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage


Wallisdown - BH10

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