Relaxing Calming Massage, Deep Tissue Massage & Hot Stones In Ash, Kent
Relaxing Calming Massage, Deep Tissue Massage & Hot Stones In Ash, Kent
Relaxing Calming Massage, Deep Tissue Massage & Hot Stones In Ash, Kent
Relaxing Calming Massage, Deep Tissue Massage & Hot Stones In Ash, Kent
  • January 28, 2024 5:12 pm
  • Ash, UK

Username: Lucian


Hello everyone,

I’m a male massage therapist operating from my studio in Ash, where I specialize in various massage techniques. Alongside my sister, Carmen Holistic Therapy, we aim to provide a professional and relaxing experience for our clients.

While I’m fully trained and specialize in deep tissue massage, I also offer stress relief treatments using hot stones for a calming effect on both mind and body. My approach is gentle and communicative, ensuring a serene experience for all.

Please note, that this is a professional service, and I kindly ask for your respect and understanding.

Currently, I also maintain a part-time job, so if I’m unable to respond immediately, please leave a text message or feel free to call repeatedly.

Both men and women are welcome, and for added assurance, you can check out our feedback on Google under Carmen Holistic Therapy.

Thank you all for your attention, and I look forward to welcoming you soon!

Best wishes, Lucian


Relaxing Massage in Ashulia: Deep Tissue & Hot Stones by Lucian

Hi there! I’m Lucian, a massage therapist with a studio right here in Ashulia. I’m all about helping you unwind and feel your best!

Just like my sister, Carmen Holistic Therapy, I want to make sure you have a relaxing and professional massage experience.

Deep Tissue for Tight Muscles

I’m fully trained in massage, and my specialty is deep-tissue massage. This is a great choice if you have tight muscles from working out or everyday activities.

Hot Stones for Stress Relief

But if you’re feeling stressed, I also offer massages with hot stones. These smooth, warm stones help loosen up your muscles and melt away tension. Adyourmassage

Gentle and Friendly

I understand that massage can be new for some people. That’s why I use a gentle touch and always talk to you throughout the massage to make sure you’re comfortable. Relaxing Calming Massage

Respectful Service

I kindly ask that you treat me with respect.

Scheduling an Appointment

I also work another job part-time, so sometimes I might not be able to answer your call right away. If that happens, don’t worry! Just leave me a text message or call back again. Relaxing Calming Massage

Welcome Everyone!

Men and women are both welcome to come see me for a massage. If you’d like to feel more confident, you can check out the reviews for Carmen Holistic Therapy on Google.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you soon and help you unwind with a relaxing massage.





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  • Holistic Therapy
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  • Full Body Massage


Ash, UK

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