Luxurious Home Hotel Services Relaxing & Deep T. Massage In London
  • August 12, 2023 12:43 pm
  • Brompton Rd, London, UK

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Hotel Services

Hi, I’m Lana, a qualified female mobile massage therapist in London.

My massage sessions start with a relaxing chat about my client’s health issues and treatment.

I bring my relaxing music and candles to create the perfect atmosphere in your room.

With 6 years of experience in massage, I can adapt to your needs and deliver a bespoke massage.

I provide Californian, Deep tissue massage, and Yoga Thai massage.

Relaxation in Your Hotel Services Room: Mobile Massage Therapy

Hi! I’m Lana, a friendly massage therapist who can come right to your hotel room in London. Feeling a bit stiff after a long journey? Need a way to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing? I can help!

Tailored Massages for Your Needs

Before we begin, we’ll have a quick chat to understand what kind of massage would be best for you. Whether you’re feeling sore muscles or just want to relax, I can create a personalized massage experience.

Bringing the Spa to You

I’ll bring everything I need to transform your hotel room into a tranquil retreat. Relaxing music will fill the air, and I’ll even light some candles to set the mood.

Experienced and Adaptable

With over 6 years of experience, I’ve helped many people feel their best. I can adjust the pressure and techniques used in the massage to fit your preferences.

Types of Massages Offered

  • Californian Massage: This gentle massage uses long strokes to soothe your muscles and ease tension.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage focuses on deeper muscle layers to relieve knots and tension.

  • Yoga Thai Massage: This unique massage combines stretching techniques from yoga with acupressure to improve flexibility and circulation.

Unwind and Recharge

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage in the comfort of your hotel room. It’s a perfect way to de-stress, improve your circulation, and feel your best while you’re exploring London! Call Now



  • Qualified Therapist
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Yoga Massage
  • Thai Massage


Brompton Rd, London, UK

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