4 Hand Massage Glasgow & Available 2 Hands Massage In Southside
  • September 10, 2023 7:12 pm
  • Southside Cres, Glasgow G5, UK

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4 hand massage Glasgow

Hi, we are sisters (Rose and Lily) providing a 4 hand massage service in Busby. We are professional massage therapists with 5 years of experience and qualifications. Have shop and mobile service available (+£20 base rate but can be slightly more if you are far away).

2-hand 1hr £60
4-hand 1h £110

Please note that this is not a sexual service.

Sisterly Pampering: 4 hand massage Glasgow

Feeling stiff and stressed with your sister or bestie? Here’s a super relaxing treat just for you! Rose and Lily, massage experts with 5 years of practice, offer amazing 4-hand massages in Glasgow.

What’s a 4-Hand Massage?

Think of two therapists working together to loosen up all your tight muscles. Double the hands mean double the relaxation – like magic! You’ll feel super pampered with all that expert rubbing and kneading.

Rose and Lily’s Special Touches

They can do massages at their place or come to yours, whichever you fancy. They even have regular massages with two hands if you prefer something more familiar.

Here’s a quick look at their prices:

  • Regular Massage (1 hour): £60

  • 4-Hand Massage (1 hour): £110

There’s a little extra charge for massages far from their place, but it’s not much.

Just for Reassurance

Rose and Lily want to make it clear – their massages are all about feeling good and relaxing, not anything else. They focus on helping you unwind and forget about worries.

Ready to Relax Together?

Want a special way to de-stress with someone you love? A 4-hand massage with Rose and Lily is perfect! Call them today to talk about what you need and book your appointment.



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Southside Cres, Glasgow G5, UK

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