Serena Best Tantra Massage
Serena Best Tantra Massage
Serena Best Tantra Massage
Serena Best Tantra Massage
Serena Best Tantra Massage
Serena Best Tantra Massage
  • April 15, 2024 3:38 pm
  • Kensington Olympia, London, Reino Unido

Username: Serena Tantra


Serena Best Tantra massage

Call/text to arrange a booking with me. If you call and I don’t answer then I am most likely ‘busy’ with another client so just send a quick text if you want me to get back to you.

Location – West Kensington

Price range – Tantra £180 (Please call for more arrangements for any other massage services)

Flexible schedule – 07448 265 624 (Session confirmations via telephone call only)

***Please only contact via call and WhatsApp ***

By Qualified and trained in Tantra, Therapy

Therapy is when an is activated in a Therapeutic stimulated method

Ladies, Gentlemen, LGBT+, and any other gender identities. Therapy is for everyone.

The Therapeutic is an incredible health and energetic experience. It will help Hormonal dysfunction, and promote and liberate Oxytocin, the so-called happy hormone, which
also plays a part in helping narrow the bond between partners.

Who wants to find out a fun way to gain more knowledge of their body energy? Vamacara Tantrikas embraces the opposites, seeing them not as contradictions, but as components. The components of male and female are therefore not set apart, but viewed as two polarities that meet and merge in every human being.

In Vacamara Tantra the man can be:

*encouraged to lift, receptive, vulnerable, feminine aspect.
*empowered to give pleasure without a specific goal.

For her part, the women can:
*explore her masculine dimension, recognizing that she is capable of dynamic leadership in pleasuring.
*Be empowered to take the initiative to create new ways of guiding, and teaching her partner.

Also, other health benefits related to such as stress, premature ejaculation, impotence, and or who can’t EXPERIMENT THE JOY OF TANTRA THERAPY

If we want to invite ecstasy into our lives, we must be willing to abandon the serenity and comfort of pain and fears.


Vamacara Tantric Therapy will help you experience cosmic energy in a state of consciousness.
On the path, pleasure, vision, and ecstasy are celebrated. It embraces and enhances all forms of creative expression, such as massage, music, and dance. Through experiencing and glorying in the delights of the body, the body becomes a temple in which you experience the sacred. In an ecstatic union. Through this come the harmonisation of their own internal masculine and feminine polarization of the blissful nature of oneself.

As Tantrikas we are not judgemental. You can come tell me your fantasies, your fears, and Dreams.

Four Hand Massage Therapy

There are quite a few popular types of massage therapy out there, and four-hand massage is one of them. However, you might be wondering what exactly a four-hand massage is and why you should consider trying it.

Getting a four-hand massage feels like experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. So you might just want to go for it. But first, let’s take a closer look at what makes four-hand massage different from classic massage therapy and what benefits it offers.

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  • Tantra Therapy Massage
  • Swedish Acupressure
  • Four hands Massage
  • Prostate Massage


Kensington Olympia, London, Reino Unido

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